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Commission An Original R.Jenkins Acrylic Painting

thePINK Collection, Inspired by Susan G. Komen Chicago

Residential, Corporate & Commercial Art

R.Jenkins Abstract Art

Oder Your Custom Ribbon Today

Abstract Breast Cancer Awareness RibbonThe decorated mini shadow box can be customized for any awareness focus.  Order yours today and receive within 7-10 business days or sooner!  Free shipping for the month of July!

the Artist

Rebekah Jenkins is a creative visionary who has a strong focus, expressive style, unique character, and ambition embodied within each work. As an abstract artist and professional graphic designer specializing in acrylic paintings, countless hours are spent in production to deliver unique art and design.

Every visual creation is a true extension of personality, direction, culture, philosophy, facts, and intriguing sources of reference converted into the energy known as an R. Jenkins Original. Utilizing acrylic, metal hardware, plexi glass, and various textures to compliment the direction of the art, Jenkins makes each viewing an experience.

The collection of visuals created by this talented artist are diverse, contemporary, innovative, and able to connect with each viewer’s unique perception of what an R. Jenkins “says” to them. With a firm commitment to the power of effective networking, R. Jenkins continues to enjoy countless opportunities for collaboration with a diverse array of professionals, entrepreneurs, advocates, and other visual artists on great art and design projects.

Abstract art has the ability to be interpreted by the individual, leaving the mindfree to explore visual concepts on a personal level. Art connects an audience through visual relevancy, defining an impressionable mindstate. Through the creative process, positive accomplishments can be attained. -R.Jenkins



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