• 2 Pieces, 4ft Wide - Available

  • Enchanted Engagement

  • Split Decision - Available

  • Raised Adventure II

  • Raised Adventure

  • Secret Of Organization

  • Abstract Flame, 3 Dimension, On Fire

  • Bright. Bold. (Sold)

  • R.Jenkins Abstract Art

  • Fine Art. Abstract Sound.

  • Fine Art. Refined.

  • Do You Own An Original?

  • Bold Lines. Color Rich.

  • Engage. Converse.

  • Authentic. Original.

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the Art.

Abstract art has the ability to be interpreted by the individual, leaving the mind free to explore visual concepts on a personal level.

the Artist.

Rebekah Jenkins is a creative visionary who has a strong focus, expressive style, unique character, and ambition embodied within each work.

An R.Jenkins Original.

Personality, direction, culture, philosophy, facts, and reference converted into the energy known as an R. Jenkins Original.

  • Intrigue Of Contemplation

  • Intrigue Of Contemplation

  • The Secret Of Organization

  • The Green Knot

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R.Jenkins Abstract ArtFine Art. Abstract. Original. Innovative.



Composition, lines, color and placement summon life experiences to the forefront while inviting a gallery of memories and projected dreams.



Residential, commercial, gallery and corporate sales available.



Vibrant, canvas art created to intrigue, cultivate questions and evoke conversation.

R.Jenkins Abstract Art


Color is used as one of the main focal points of any R.Jenkins Original. Complimentary schemes compose visual atmospheres, engaging contrast, tone, and value.



Color, bold lines, intriguing curves and unapologeticborders easily represent a page torn from the journal of ones perception of life.



Mixed media including metal, plastics, printed publications and other hardware are most likely to be found on an R.Jenkins Original. Most canvasses are hand built and are 3 dimensional.


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